Track your campaigns & calculate ROI

Understand your business better with sponsored post tracking to detect which posts perform the best, an overview of the ROI of your campaigns and see how well you and your competitors perform.

Know which influencers perform the best.

_Getting traffic is good, but knowing where it comes from is even better!

_Find out which influencers in your campaign rake in the most clicks on social media platforms & blogs by setting up individual tracking links to your website or specific posts. Have a clear overview of your total clicks & views, calculate your click-through rate and easily download all results.

Performance dashboard@2x

Measure performance based on real-time stats

_Our real-time statistics show you calculations of your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, reach as well as a summary of all media engagements. 

 _Assess your campaign’s performance across different platforms to give you an idea of what works best for your brand and future campaigns. 


Track mentions of your
brand & competitors across social media

_Monitor all influencers’ mentions on different media channels with ease and create social listening streams with specific hashtags, usernames or keywords related to your brand. 



Use the social listening for benchmarking to know what your competition is up to and which influencers are talking about them. 

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