Get all the influencer stats you need to find the best fit for your target audience.

View comprehensive influencer profiles & prices, compare performance on social media, access audience demographics, and import new influencers in a click.

View influencer profiles and compare ratings with ease

_Study influencer profiles with a detailed breakdown of recent posts, audience size, engagement rate & impressions for social media platforms & blogs.

 _Having trouble choosing between influencers? Never miss out on the best picks and check out real-time ratings to compare influencers in our database to see how well they perform.

Engagement analysis _ post frenquency@2x

Analyze engagement rate and posting habits

_Quickly gain insight into influencers’ habits by looking at their publications with precise dates & times, so you always know what, when, and where influencers are most active.

 _Want to dig a little further? Simply review historical engagements for influencers’ social profiles over an extended period of time.


Find the right influencer for your target audience.

_Finding great influencers is important, finding great influencers that speak to your target audience even more so!

 _Identify influencer audiences based on age groups, gender, country of origin, cities & more. Easily distinguish between real and fake followers to find authentic influencer audiences and say goodbye to fakes once and for all. 


Import existing influencer
lists into Upfluence

_Want to incorporate a list of previous influencers you’ve worked with? No problem! Simply upload lists of influencers in a .CSV file format for a seamless integration process.

 _Spotted a new influencer? Freely use the Upfluence Google Chrome plugin on any influencer’s social profile to add new influencers to our database.


Get price suggestions for YouTube & Instagram

_Never worry about what to pay an influencer again! Receive realistic price suggestions for individual influencer profiles on Instagram and YouTube in your preferred currency. 

 _Our pricing algorithm is based on real-time statistics of the influencer’s engagement, such as cost per view on YouTube and total impressions on Instagram.

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