.Full Stack Software Engineer / Product Engineer

Company description

  • We develop our product(s) across multiple offices based in Lyon, France and New York City. The team is talented, young (28 on average), and international (18 different nationalities). Lead by our CTO @AlexisMontagne, we do groundbreaking technological work in the industry.
  • From daily collection of social media data from 5M+ different accounts to building complex data pipelines,
  • Provide insights about social posts performance and audience analysis for our 600+ clients,
  • Provide search capabilities to find the perfect influencers,
  • Provide tools to contact and work with those influencers, our product teams are focused on creating fantastic user experiences. We’re looking for talented and like-minded engineers that are passionate about building world-class experiences that delight our customers.

What we do :

  • We enjoy building UIs in Ember.js so much that we created our own internal styleguide and component library ;
  • We believe in using the best tools for the job. We write customer-facing features using Ember.js frontend and Ruby backend. Our write-heavy traffic services are written with Go and leverage multiple data storage solutions ;
  • We deploy our code multiple times per day using docker, etcd and Container Linux ;
  • We love open source, we try to contribute to other projects or open  source our own to share with the rest of the community ;
  • We’re proud of the code we write, but we’re not dogmatic about methodologies or techniques. We believe building the “right thing” is more important than building things “right”. However, we take our customers’ dependence on our systems very seriously and strive to build highly performant and reliable software that are parts of our customers’ core infrastructure.

Who we’re looking for :

  • You can turn complex business requirements into working software that our customers love to use ;
  • You’re proud of the code you write, but you’re also pragmatic ;
  • You know when it is time to refactor, and when it’s time to ship ;
  • You’re focused, driven and can get challenging projects across the finish line ;
  • You’re empathetic, patient and love to help your teammates grow ;
  • You have experience running apps in production and take software engineering practices seriously. You write meaningful tests and understand the value of great logging, proper monitoring and error tracking.

Project you could work on :

  • Working hand-to-hand with our Data Science team to provide their results in the product ;
  • Improving our open-source UI library that saves our engineers multiple hours of work every week. Think pixel-perfect implementations by default ;
  • Adding some filtering capabilities to our search engine ;
  • Improve our workflow management tool to add new use cases and improve the overall UX.

What you’ll get :

  • Some serious technical challenge ;
  • A machine of your own choosing ($2,000 budget) ;
  • A team of talented developers to work with ;
  • A seat in a great office space, or remote work, either way is fine by us ;
  • A lot of autonomy and responsibility.

Requirements :

You can write client side JavaScript using the latest APIs and language features ;

  • You have some familiarity with Golang or are excited to learn it ;
  • You provide a deep understanding of the complexities involved in writing large single-page applications ;
  • You show evidence of exposure to architectural patterns (e.g., well-designed APIs, efficient algorithms and data structures).

Find more informations about our stack here: https://stackshare.io/upfluence/upfluence

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