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Upfluence is a NYC-based startup that develops influencer marketing technology. 

In 2016, it launched its Software-as-a-Service offering: Marketers pay a monthly subscription to access an “all-in-one” online platform for influencer campaigns. The platform includes tools for influencer identification, recruitment, campaign management, reporting, and payment.

Yet, Upfluence has gone the extra mile to create a software that not only assists the marketer throughout the entire campaign but does it with complete agnosticism. This means that the software does not limit the marketer to any one platform, type of influencer, country, language, or number of campaigns. The result is (i) the largest influencer database on the market coupled with (ii) one of the largest feature sets available on the market.

The all-in-one approach along with its proprietary tech is what sets Upfluence apart from competitors.

In fact, Upfluence is pioneering quite a lot: from AI-assisted influencer suggestions and fake follower detection to language recognition technology (for launching & monitoring campaigns on a global scale.)


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+1 415 366 0167

New York
381 Broadway, New York,
NY 10013, USA

33 Quai Arloing
69009, Lyon, France

174 Quai de Jemmapes,
75010 Paris

Fidbox, Rue du Château
20, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz,

Vivien Garnès
Kevin Creusy
Alexis Montagne
Yann Metz-Pasquier

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